WOMM Podcast featuring Blake Yang and Garrett Robinson from Solar Sesame

WOMM Podcast featuring Blake Yang and Garrett Robinson from Solar Sesame

Tori Barrington

Written by: Tori Barrington | Snoball Editorial Team

Last Updated: Feb 8, 2024

In a recent episode of the Word of Mouth Marketing podcast, we had the pleasure of hosting Solar Sesame's seasoned sales leaders, Blake Yang and Garrett Robinson. Drawing from their extensive experience in both the solar and sales realms, they shared invaluable insights on cultivating trust throughout the customer journey and establishing a resilient sales team that leaves a lasting impact.

Podcast Highlights

Blake and Garrett emphasized creating impeccable experiences, focusing on education over applying pressure, setting clear expectations, and providing 24/7 support. The duo also discussed building a resilient sales team by fostering a positive mindset and adaptability. The podcast provides a blueprint for success in the evolving solar sector, highlighting the importance of trust-building and cultivating a dynamic team environment.

Building Trust Throughout the Customer Journey

Building trust throughout the customer journey is essential for lasting relationships. Trust cultivates loyalty, fostering repeat business and positive referrals. In an era of abundant consumer choices, establishing trust ensures customers feel secure, valued, and understood. Trust enhances satisfaction, which reduces the likelihood of dissatisfaction or negative feedback. A positive association is created when a trustworthy brand becomes a reliable partner in the customer's decision-making process. Ultimately, trust transforms one-time buyers into advocates, contributing to sustained business success. 

Blake and Garrett explore effective trust-building strategies in their insightful four-part breakdown.

1. Creating Immaculate Experiences from the Start

Blake and Garrett stressed the paramount importance of crafting an impeccable homeowner experience from the outset. Their strategic focus involves targeting individuals who have already expressed interest in solar from the lead source, ensuring a receptive audience right from the start. By tailoring their approach to engaged prospects, Solar Sesame sets the stage for a positive and trusting relationship.

2. Focus on Educating, Not Pressuring

Central to Solar Sesame's trust-building strategy is the emphasis on hiring professionals dedicated to educating homeowners rather than applying pressure. This approach not only aligns with ethical practices but also establishes a positive rapport between the agent and the homeowner. By prioritizing education over persuasion, Solar Sesame creates an environment conducive to trust and long-term satisfaction.

3. Setting Clear Expectations

Transparency is a cornerstone of Solar Sesame's approach. Agents undergo training to be candid about expectations, preemptively addressing potential hiccups during the installation process. By managing customer expectations effectively, Solar Sesame fosters trust through honesty and ensures a smoother overall experience.

4. 24/7 Access to Support

Going above and beyond, Solar Sesame provides customers with 24/7 access to their agents and project managers. This commitment to constant availability ensures that customers can seek assistance at any point during the installation process. This accessible support system not only enhances trust but also underscores Solar Sesame's dedication to customer satisfaction.

Building a Sales Team that Fights Negativity

Blake and Garrett promote fostering a mindset centered on controllable elements: attitude, work ethic, and coachability. This strategic focus serves as a preventative measure against what Solar Sesame terms a “NEG BOMB.” By deliberately emphasizing factors under one's control, the approach aims to sustain a positive, productive, and resilient team environment. This proactive stance fosters a culture where challenges are met with solutions, curbing negativity and contributing to a dynamic and thriving team atmosphere at Solar Sesame.

Evolving with the Industry

In the face of economic shifts and industry dynamics, Blake and Garrett emphasize the imperative for sales professionals to continually adapt, change, and grow within the solar sector. Their forward-thinking stance is pivotal, ensuring the business not only endures challenges but thrives, securing long-term success in an ever-evolving industry.

The insights provided by Blake Yang and Garrett Robinson on the Word of Mouth Marketing Podcast offer a comprehensive blueprint for businesses in the solar industry. By prioritizing trust-building throughout the customer journey and fostering a positive, adaptable sales team, Solar Sesame sets a standard for success in the dynamic solar sector. For those seeking growth-oriented discussions, tuning in to the Word of Mouth Marketing Podcast is a gateway to understanding how growth can be achieved the right way.

About Solar Sesame:

Solar Sesame emerged with a commitment to address homeowners' concerns about rising electricity bills. Transitioning from mortgage assistance, the team at Solar Sesame now pioneers solar solutions, saving homeowners hundreds of dollars monthly while contributing to a greener environment. With a consumer-centric platform focused on simplicity and cost-effectiveness, Solar Sesame aims to provide a seamless, rewarding experience, alleviating financial strain and environmental concerns. Join the solar revolution with Solar Sesame, where the journey is not just about saving costs but also about embracing a hassle-free, cost-saving, and satisfying solar experience.

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