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Last Updated: Dec 6, 2023

In a recent episode of the WOMM podcast, Adam Sidorczuk, founder of Sido Digital, shared his insights about SEO marketing. 

Podcast Highlights

Adam, a marketing and SEO expert, explores key topics such as optimizing site speed, crafting targeted content, and navigating the red flags when choosing an SEO partner. 

Improve Your Site Speed

In-depth technical SEO involves tools and experience for proper analysis. However, Adam recommends taking action on one aspect of technical SEO that is easier to manage: page speed. He says, “Google and other search engines prefer websites that load fast. You can quite easily improve your page speed with free tools.

Two tools Adam recommends are Google Page Speed Insights and GTmetrix to analyze and improve page speed. Simply type in the website and get a full report of what is slowing the site down the most. Addressing issues like large image files is crucial for enhancing user experience and SEO.

Adam also comments on what he sees affects most websites regarding page speed: huge images. According to Adam: “If you are not aware that large images slow down your website, then it's likely that you just use images from your camera and you don't really check what size they are. Then you end up with several megabytes of images on a single page, which make it so heavy that it loads endlessly.

A website with junk code or heavy images will bog things down and create a bad experience for the user. That’s why Google and other search engines reward sites that load as soon as they are accessed, emphasizing the SEO benefits of improved site speed.

Amplify Your Site Content

The old saying that “content is king” is still in effect today. Adam stresses the importance of three things when it comes to content, the first being speaking to the right audience. Identifying the ideal customer profile (ICP) is crucial to the site’s SEO. He says, “Identify your target audience, know their pain points, know their struggles, know their needs in general and try to answer them. Make the content engaging, make it helpful.” Some people try to write content aimed at the robot search engines, but Google seeks content that is actually helpful for users who are searching for those key terms.

After Adam gets a grasp on the target audience and their problems, he dives into keyword research. One free tool is Google Keyword Planner. These tools check for what customers are searching for online, as well as what competitors are building their content around, providing insight into what content is most useful for the customer.

Lastly, Adam warns against only focusing on the bottom of the marketing funnel. According to Adam, “In most cases, it's not effective because this is where the most competition is. All your competitors will aim for the same keywords, it’s just crowded in there… Don't forget about those other stages of the funnel.” Focusing content on informing customers and building reputation, instead of just selling to them, will help the website stand out above the competition.

Watch Out for SEO Red Flags

When it comes to selecting an SEO partner, Adam advises businesses to look for case studies and references. Prioritize those who focus not only on rankings but also on conversions and the quality of website traffic. Clear and frequent communication is also an essential factor.

Adam especially warns against unrealistic promises. Because SEO success is influenced by various factors and cannot be guaranteed, beware of SEO providers who make extravagant guarantees. From his own experience Adam shares, “I spoke to so many SEO companies that promised me like 10 times my traffic within one year without even seeing my website. That is a huge red flag to me because SEO is a very specific game.” Because search engines change so frequently, even a professional with decades of experience cannot guarantee such lofty promises.

Aligning performance metrics and emphasizing business goals are critical for a successful partnership. According to Adam, "If they ask you how you measure success, that's a green flag. That means that they want to align their metrics with yours." Remember that SEO is a long-term play, not a short-term strategy. 

About Adam and Sido Digital

Adam Sidorczuk is the founder and CEO of Sido Digital, a digital marketing agency based in Warsaw, Poland. At 31 years old, Adam has over 10 years of experience in marketing. Despite having a master's degree in international relations and a bachelor's degree in political science, Adam found his passion for marketing during his time at CD Projekt, a well-known Polish game company, where he experienced the excitement and impact of marketing on a large scale.

Adam later specialized in SEO, finding a balance between hard skills like data analysis, creativity, and strategic thinking. After working in various roles, including at Just Eat Takeaway in the Netherlands, Adam ventured into entrepreneurship, founding Sido Digital.

As the CEO of Sido Digital, Adam emphasizes a hands-on and collaborative approach with clients, focusing on strategic SEO, technical SEO, and content marketing. His agency specializes in working with scale-ups, startups, and focuses on specific industries, including health tech, ed tech, solar and renewable energy sources, and B2B SaaS. Adam's philosophy centers on being close to clients' businesses, understanding their goals, and delivering measurable results.

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