Snoball Sells BestCompany.com Lead Management Rights to Modernize

Snoball Sells BestCompany.com Lead Management Rights to Modernize

Snoball Editorial Team

Written by: Snoball Editorial Team | Snoball Editorial Team

Last Updated: Apr 1, 2024

Snoball announces the successful sale of BestCompany.com’s media platform to Modernize Home Services, the leading home services marketing platform. This strategic move solidifies Modernize as the exclusive marketing and media acquisition arm for BestCompany.com, ushering in a new era of branded lead growth and innovation.

Modernize integrates BestCompany.com to meet consumer needs

Driven by a commitment to meet homeowners’ evolving needs, Modernize surveyed over 9,300 consumers in January 2024 determining that over 80% prioritize online reviews when selecting home improvement contractors. This insight underscores the importance of the new alliance, as it addresses a large, high-intent homeowner segment actively seeking ratings, reviews, and best-in-class service providers.

In response to consumer needs, Modernize expands its branded lead product by integrating BestCompany.com’s media platform. The move aims to amplify home service brands and redefine home improvement contractors’ online presence, ensuring they exceed the expectations of decision-ready homeowners. This acquisition enables contractors to scale their brand exposure through ratings and reviews across the Modernize network. 

A mutually beneficial partnership

While this partnership was born from a need expressed by consumers, it is proving to be beneficial for all parties involved. "This strategic alliance with BestCompany.com is further proof of our dedication to providing our contractor clients with the best-in-class solutions,” emphasizes Jeff Barnes, general manager for Modernize Home Services. “This acquisition enhances our ability to support contractors at every stage of their business, from inquiry to installation."

Expanding service to home improvement companies

Integrating BestCompany.com’s offerings allow for new online traffic sources for Modernize’s marketing services, enabling Modernize to provide a more comprehensive and diverse range of solutions to meet the evolving needs of home service providers.

Strengthening contractors’ online brand presence

The acquisition fortifies Modernize’s ability to support homeowners at various stages of project research while tapping into new opportunities to serve a broader range of home service professionals via a branded lead program. 

Promoting home improvement brands

By powering BestCompany.com’s media platform, Modernize becomes a conduit for consumers actively researching home service providers. This alliance supports consumers in finding reputable services and empowers contractors to reach highly relevant audiences with tailored brand messages.

Snoball’s strategic role

The collaboration extends to Snoball, formerly “Best Company for Business”, which provides cutting-edge software to help brands automate word-of-mouth marketing efforts that generate referral business—including powering the reviews and reputation for brands listed on BestCompany.com. 

Snoball’s leadership echoes the Modernize sentiment, "This transaction signifies our deep commitment to helping quality brands generate referral business from their satisfied customers,” says Landon Taylor, CEO of Snoball. “Brand growth is a combination of two things: quality customer acquisition through credible sites like BestCompany.com, and systematic word-of-mouth referrals. The sale of BestCompany.com’s media business to Modernize should elevate both. We’re extremely excited to help quality brands continue to grow through this strategic alliance."

Moving forward

Modernize’s acquisition of BestCompany.com's lead generation assets includes exclusive rights to provide lead generation services on BestCompany.com, media relationships, and paid media accounts. Integration teams will work diligently over the next 90 days to ensure a seamless transition. Modernize’s dedicated team of account managers can offer personalized attention and support. Snoball will continue to operate independently while supporting Modernize in maintaining and enhancing BestCompany.com as a leading trusted review site for companies and consumers.

About Snoball

Snoball, a Software as a Service (SaaS) product, helps brands generate referral business from their happy customers, both directly and indirectly. Direct referrals are obtained from an end-to-end referral platform, while indirect referrals arise from proactive review generation and reputation marketing throughout the buyer journey. 

About Modernize Home Services

Modernize helps home improvement companies find and win more projects through our specialized marketing services. With a history spanning 18 years, our expertise encompasses the entire customer journey from inquiry to installation. We operate across 17+ residential sectors including solar, roofing, siding, windows, and heating and air conditioning. Our offerings include SEO expertise, optimized websites, and technological tools. Backed by a network of over a thousand contractors, we ensure diverse options for homeowners.

Modernize is a subsidiary of QuinStreet, Inc. (Nasdaq: QNST), For more information, visit modernize.com/pros.

About BestCompany.com

BestCompany.com is a highly trusted review site for both companies and consumers, emphasizing Verified Reviews meticulously moderated for authenticity. The platform is dedicated to empowering users with essential information and tools,fostering confidence in decision-making.

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