Eric Farmer’s Blueprint for Resilience and Adaptability

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We had such a blast getting to know Eric Farmer, the CEO of Wallaroo Media, on this episode of the Snoball Effect podcast. Eric told us a bit about his journey, and he shared some insights into achieving success, like personal and professional growth, adaptability, and the power of strong relationships. Eric's story is one of strength, continuous learning, and a client-centric approach, and we’re excited to get to share it with you!

Key Takeaways

  • Resilience: Eric emphasizes the importance of facing fears, building confidence, and developing resilience. He believes that overcoming personal challenges translates into professional success and has shaped his leadership style and career progression.
  • Adaptability: Eric focuses on adaptability and continuous learning. From shifting his college major multiple times to exploring various roles in digital marketing, he underscores the importance of finding what one truly enjoys and excelling in it.
  • Strong Relationships: Eric highlights the need for transparent communication, understanding client visions, and aligning marketing strategies with business goals. He has robust relationships with both his team and clients, ensuring long-term success and client satisfaction.

Personal and Professional Growth through Challenge and Resilience

Eric Farmer's journey to becoming the CEO of Wallaroo Media is marked by his dedication to pushing himself beyond his limits, both physically and mentally. This commitment is epitomized by his participation in the Murph workout, a grueling CrossFit challenge that includes a one-mile run, 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 squats, and another one-mile run while wearing a weighted vest. It’s definitely not easy! Reflecting on this experience, Eric shared, "You can be in shape, you can be prepared for it, but if your mind isn't right, you can convince yourself of anything." 

Eric's post on LinkedIn about completing the Murph

Eric's initial reluctance to undertake the Murph workout, despite his physical readiness, underlines the mental hurdles that often accompany significant challenges. He explained, "I would make excuses to not do it because it's... mental for me. It's for me personally to tell myself you can do this, and also face your fears." This desire to face his fears and persevere has become a cornerstone for his personal and professional development. 

Drawing parallels between his physical challenges and professional journey, Eric mentioned how overcoming personal fears and doubts has bolstered his confidence and resilience in business. "It's pushing myself to my limits, whether that's professionally, physically, mentally, whatever that is. And getting through that and coming out the other side... You build confidence, you build resilience," he noted. This philosophy has guided him through various career transitions and leadership roles.

Eric's insights underscore the value of embracing challenges as opportunities for growth. By consistently pushing his limits and confronting his fears, he has cultivated a mindset that thrives on resilience and continuous improvement. This approach not only fuels personal development but also enhances professional performance, making it a vital lesson for aspiring leaders.

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Eric Farmer

CEO @ Wallaroo Media


"It's pushing myself to my limits... And getting through that and coming out the other side... You build confidence, you build resilience."

Adaptability and Continuous Learning

Eric Farmer's career trajectory is a testament to the need for adaptability and continuous learning. His journey began with multiple changes in his college major before he found his passion in advertising. "It took two failed majors to realize, okay, biology is not for me. Engineering is not for me. And then I switched to advertising and I actually started to enjoy my classes, thrive in school, like I was a happy person again," he recalled. This experience taught him the importance of finding what you truly enjoy and pursuing it.

Eric's willingness to pivot and explore different roles in digital marketing further shows his adaptability. From diving into PPC at OrangeSoda to becoming a digital marketing manager at 1-800 Contacts, and later starting the paid department at 97th Floor, Eric consistently sought new challenges and learning opportunities. "I really learned all the different channels that a lot of businesses use to market," he shared, explaining the breadth of the opportunities he received.

Logos of companies Eric has worked at

A pivotal moment in Eric's career came when he was unexpectedly let go from a job, forcing him to reassess his life. "It shook me to my core, it was unexpected. I loved where I was at. So it basically wrecked me, it was a huge gut punch where I had to kind of reset," he admitted. This experience, although painful, required him to stay resilient and adjust his plans, ultimately shaping him into a more determined and knowledgeable leader.

The ups and downs in Eric's journey exemplify the importance of adaptability in navigating a dynamic career landscape. By embracing change, seeking continuous learning, and viewing setbacks as opportunities for growth, he has built a robust foundation for success. Developing the quality of adaptability not only enhances personal development but also positions individuals to thrive in ever-changing industries.

Client-Centric Approach and Strong Relationships

At Wallaroo Media, Eric Farmer prioritizes building strong relationships and delivering results, a dual focus that has driven the agency's success. "One is relationships and the other one is results. So it is my main goal to build strong relationships first with my team. And then the second layer is with clients," he explained. This client-centric approach ensures that every decision and action aligns with these core values, fostering trust and long-term success.

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Pro Tip:

Your dual focus should be building strong relationships with both your team and your clients.

Eric's emphasis on transparent communication and understanding client visions is integral to this approach. "We see ourselves as an extension of the brands we work with... We have to understand that us and then everything, every decision that's made internally for them ties back to that vision," he noted. This deep alignment with client goals ensures that Wallaroo Media delivers not just effective marketing strategies but also meaningful business outcomes.

Maintaining robust client relationships over time requires proactive engagement and continuous improvement. Eric shared his approach, stating, "It's just super important for me to have those relationships with all of our clients... I ask them, Hey, give me your feedback. How's it going? I don't even care about the good. Tell me about the bad because that's how we get better." This openness to feedback and commitment to excellence builds strong partnerships.

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Wallaroo Media's success in retaining long-term clients, with some relationships spanning eight to ten years, speaks to the effectiveness of Eric's client-centric approach. By prioritizing relationships and results and maintaining open lines of communication, he has created a culture of trust and collaboration that drives sustained business growth.

Be Unapologetically Selfish

Towards the end of the episode, our host asked, “What personal advice do you have for marketers and business leaders out there?” Before answering the question, Eric explained a common problem that he sees in business leaders:

Eric's post on LinkedIn about his family

“I am an advocate for personal excellence and I feel like a lot of leaders or founders…lose themselves in their work or the business that they're starting… But what happens is you forget about some things that really matter in life.”

Then, he continues with his final piece of advice for those struggling leaders. He said, “Be unapologetically selfish and then you can be as selfless as you want.” As he further explained what it means to be “unapologetically selfish,” he talked about prioritizing self-care, drawing a parallel to the practice of putting on an oxygen mask first in an airplane emergency. As a father, husband, and CEO, he believes that taking care of his own health is crucial. By ensuring he exercises, gets enough sleep, and eats well, he maintains the ability to support both his family and business effectively, even during challenging times. This self-care routine is essential for overall success and well-being in all aspects of life.

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